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Our Philosophy

“Because we want YOU to enjoy a care-free financial future.” At Bruce Formes Retirement Planning it is more than a catch-phrase, it’s our philosophy. It’s what we believe about your money and how we believe your money should be managed.

You’ve heard it before: “Hang in there. The market will turn around. We can’t time the market.” Sometimes that’s true, but sometimes it leads to tragedy, and that’s what we want to help you avoid. In other words, it’s more than just about growing your assets, it’s also about preserving and preserving your assets.

Avoiding Retirement Tragedies

At Bruce Formes Retirement Planning we take a pro-active approach to managing your money. Rather than design an asset allocation strategy and simply leave it alone, we try to avoid the catastrophic scenarios above. We know you’ve worked hard to accumulate your retirement nest-egg, and we want to help you keep it.

How do we do that?

  1. We monitor your account on a regular basis and insist on regular reviews.
  2. We employ a strict “sell-discipline” that helps to minimize big losses when the markets are in steep decline.
  3. We monitor the economy with a “tactical” approach to investing rather the worn-out buy-and-hold “strategic” approach. When we see warning signals, we’re not afraid to recommend changes in how your money is invested.
  4. We use as blend of investments, annuities, and individual securities that are designed to minimize the negative effect of economic decline while still looking for respectable upward returns.
  5. We are here for you! You can call us any time to discuss your account or how we think current economic trends might affect it. If we’re busy when you call, we promise to return you call promptly.

Are we always right? No. No one is. But you will know you have an advocate on your side who will do everything they can to protect what you have worked so hard for.

If you’re not getting the advice you believe you deserve or if you don’t know if your numbers might be a bit off, give us a call. We promise to ask what the most important factors are in your life and evaluate your accounts honestly and objectively. Call us right now to schedule a complimentary review at:

Office: (714) 526-3412
Cell: (714) 718-6415

“Because we want YOU to enjoy a care-free financial future.”